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Discover how to revolutionize your takeaway business with the latest online ordering system websites for takeaways.

Our website ordering system offer hassle-free solutions and the best customer experience.

Discover The Best Websites For Takeaways

Find top rated websites for takeaways that make ordering food easier and more convenient than ever before.

Bespoke Branded Website

Zero Commission


Email List

Delivery and Collection

Card and Cash Facilities

Coupons and Discounts

Multi Location

Embrace online ordering potential for growth.

An online ordering website presents a clever and budget-friendly approach to promoting your restaurant or takeaway online. Engage with customers on the internet regularly.

SEO optimized Website

Dominate the competitive restaurant landscape!


App-Local’s expert digital marketing team will elevate your restaurant or takeaway’s visibility in online searches, effortlessly drawing in new customers and leaving competitors in the dust.

Easy Menu Updates

Easily manage your menu and pricing updates with App-Local’s user-friendly interface, accessible on both mobile devices and desktop computers. This convenient platform empowers you to make changes effortlessly from anywhere, ensuring your offerings remain current and tailored to your customers’ needs.

Responsive on Mobile & Tablet

To cater to the trend of mobile ordering, we’ve optimized all our websites to be smartphone-friendly, ensuring a seamless and slick experience for users on their mobile devices.


Additionally, recognizing the popularity of tablets among people on the go, our websites are tailored with distinct sizing to facilitate easy ordering through tablets, maintaining the same level of convenience and simplicity.

Everything included

We include a domain name, hosting, email and all associated website costs within our service fee as standard, so there is nothing else to pay on top.

Maximize Revenue: Elevate Order Values with Your Own App

Businesses leveraging the potential of their custom app witness a remarkable 20% surge in customer spending compared to traditional channels.

With your custom app, empower your business to tap into this 20% increase in spending potential and transform your revenue streams.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced profitability with your custom app's innovative solutions.

Save on Commission: Reduce Online Ordering Expenses

Online ordering portals such as Just-Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats typically impose commission fees ranging from 14% to 40% on each order processed on your behalf. 


With your own online ordering system powered by App-Local, you reclaim control over your customers, stabilize your online ordering expenses, and amplify your profits, rather than relying on third-party online portals.

Website Ordering System Marketing Tools

Increase Traffic Through Email Campaigns Or web Push notifications That Will Get People Entering Into Your website Online Ordering System And Driving More Sales For Your Hospitality Business.

Automated Web Push Notifications

Instantly engage your audience by delivering important news, the latest updates, exclusive special offers, and more directly to their screens in just one second. 


With rapid communication, you can ensure your users stay informed and connected at all times.

Drip Campaigns

A series of notifications for new subscribers. Compile a set of articles for new subscribers. Increase their engagement and loyalty

Email Marketing

App-Local’s email marketing provides you with the ability to subscribe customers to lists when purchasing products using your website. Using this extension, you can engage your customers and grow your audience more efficiently. 


Moreover, your customers and their purchase data are automatically synced with your account.

Our website marketing services are designed with one goal in mind: Increasing sales and profits.

Support Payments From Every Platform

Easily accept payments from any platform with our online ordering takeaway system. Integrate multiple payment methods and get full control over customer flow, all in one easy-to-use solution.

Supported Payment :


online ordering system supported payments

Manage Everything From One Easy To Use Dashboard

Simplify your takeaway operations with our user-friendly portal. Easily update menus and preferences from anywhere, whether you’re using your mobile device or desktop computer. With centralized oversight, you can efficiently manage multiple locations and stay informed with real-time notifications, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Whether you’re a bustling restaurant or a busy takeaway, our portal empowers you to manage your business with ease, saving you time and resources while delivering exceptional service to your customers.