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Discover the best table service ordering system for your Bar or Restaurant. 

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Table Service Ordering System

Make ordering and managing orders easier with our table service ordering system! Our system allows you to quickly and easily place orders, track orders, and manage them all with a few clicks.

1) Process Orders

Customers Can Now Browse Your Entire Menu And Choose The Food They Want From From Your Interactive Table Ordering App. You Can Present More Choices For your customers order When It Comes To Upselling Additional Items On Your Menu To Help Increase Your Average Order Value.

2) Choose a Table

Once Your Customer Has Made Their Food Selection, They Provide A Table Number At Checkout. This Makes It Easy For Servers To Keep Track Of Orders And Ensure That They’re Delivered To The Correct Table.

3) Our Payment System Offers Diverse Payment Options

No need to worry about security– all our order and pay options are extremely secure! Get paid faster when your customers pay by card, using Square the payments can be processed the very next day straight into your bank account.

4) Kitchen Staff Notified

Kitchen Staff Are Alerted When The Order Is Complete. They Prepare The Order And Servers Bring It To The Correct Table.

Hospitality Businesses Are In The Business Of Making People Happy And We Make It Our Mission To Help You Be Successful.

App-Local Technology Is Designed For any Hospitality Professionals, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, coffee shops, sports clubs And Hotel Owners Or Managers Who Want An Easy Way Connect And Leverage Their Customers Through Their Apple iPhone Or Android Phone Devices So They Can Place Orders When They Need It Most!

Increase your revenue by improving customer satisfaction, reducing wait times, increasing the average ticket size, and encouraging customers to make additional purchases.
 Your Ordering System can also help to build customer loyalty and encourage customers to return for future visits.
Additionally, table service can help to increase your profits by Reducing labor costs, as fewer staff members are needed to serve customers at their tables.
Engage audiences better by providing a more personalized experience. Customers can use the system to order exactly what they want and can also customize their order more easily.
Additionally, table service ordering systems can help to reduce wait times and provide a more efficient ordering experience, which can improve customer satisfaction and engagement.
Table service ordering systems provide customers with more information about their order, such as the estimated time of delivery and the cost of their order, which can help to make customers feel more informed and engaged.
Table service can use customer analytics to better understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors. This data can then be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns, personalize the customer experience, and even tailor menus and pricing based on customer insights.
Additionally, customer analytics can help restaurants identify areas of improvement in their operations, such as identifying opportunities to reduce wait times or provide better customer service.
App-Local table service offers zero commission Fees ordering so you keep 100% of your profits while offering a better customer experience for the demographic who want to use this technology to order their food.
It also offers an easy setup process and allows you to customize the ordering experience to meet your restaurant’s unique needs.
With App-Local table service, you can set up a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, and PayPal, so you can accept payments from customers quickly and securely.
Additionally, App-Local Table Service offers a variety of interactive features such as order tracking, custom Push notifications, and customizable menus. This allows you to create a more engaging and personalized ordering experience for your customers.


Simple To Use, This Technology Demonstrates Two Of App-Local’s Favourite Things: Innovation & Simplicity


With App-Local Table Ordering Service, The Future Of Dining Is Now At Your Fingertips.


  1. Open The Camera On Any Device, 
  2. Simply Scan The Unique QR Code, 
  3. Your Customers Will Be Able To Download Your Table Service Ordering App To Their Apple I-Phone Or Android Phone Or Go Straight Online In Only A Few Clicks!
QR code order and pay table service ordering system

Faster and more convenient payment processing 

Increased customer engagement and loyalty 

Increased customer satisfaction 

Reduced wait times 

Improved security and safety 

Easily track and analyze customer data 

Automated customer order tracking and reporting 

Reduced paperwork and manual data entry 

Reduced errors due to manual data entry

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Added Services | Table Service Ordering system

Your Table Ordering App Can Do So Much More Than Just Take Table Orders. With Table Booking, Orders For Takeaway And Collection, We Can Even Do Your Social Media To Drive More Customers To Use All The Services You Choose to Offer. 

save money no commission online takeaway ordering system

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