Your Own Branded Online Ordering App

Are you relying on a third-party Online Ordering System to take your customers’ orders? 


You’re not alone. Many Takeaway Restaurant owners want to offer online ordering services but don’t have the resources or know-how to develop their own Online Food Ordering System. That’s where Your Own Branded Online Food Ordering App comes in!

100% No Commission

zero commission fees online ordering for takeaway restaurants

Online Ordering System - Zero Commission Fees

As a business owner, you want to maximize your profits and minimize your costs when it comes to online ordering. That’s why you should consider an online ordering system with zero percent commission fees.

With zero percent commission fees, you can keep all the profits from online orders. That means you get to keep the full amount of each order, instead of paying a percentage to a thirdparty ordering systems. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or other charges.

Plus, a zero percent commission fee online ordering system lets you customize your online ordering experience. You can add special offers and discounts, create custom menus, and create unique branding for your business.

Ordering App Features

Discover the benefits of an online ordering system and the features that make it easier for you to manage your business. Your Online Ordering app has everything you need to simplify the process and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy Setup

We supply you with a fully-functional online business in a box with a proven strategy for rapid success!


One Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Customers Up To Speed and boost your sales In Todays Fast Paced World Is Push Notifications, Send Reminders About New Menu Items And Deals To Important Announcements About Upcoming Events, Staying Informed About All The Latest Goings-On Is Key To Attracting And Keeping Customers Engaged.


Good Cash Flow Is Essential To Any Business, Large Or Small business. It Allows You To Meet Your Financial Obligations, Invest In New Opportunities, And Manage Day-To-Day Operations.  One Way To Improve Your Cash Flow Is To Take Advantage Of Next Day Payments from your online ordering system. By Getting Paid More Quickly, You Can Free Up Resources To Invest Back Into Your Business.


login with facebook online ordering app

Keep your customers in the loop with a seamless experience. Customers can create an account and login via Facebook To Save Their Favourite Orders So Its Even Easier To Place An Order through your takeaway Online Ordering System!


If You’ve Got Multiple Takeaways, Managing Them All Can Be A Real Hassle. Thankfully, There’s An App For That! By Offering A Menu For Each Location, You Can Easily Keep Track Of Your Orders And Make Sure Everything Is Going Smoothly. Plus, With Online Ordering System, You Can Take Care Of Everything From One Convenient Place. No More Worrying About Whether Or Not Your Customers Are Getting What They Ordered – Just Sit Back And Relax While The Online Ordering App Takes Care Of Everything For You.

QR, Order & Pay - Online Ordering Software

Businesses Of All Sizes Can Effortlessly Integrate QR Codes And Online Payments Into Their Online Ordering App And See Increased Revenue And Improved Customer Satisfaction. Simple To Use, This Technology Demonstrates Two Of App-Local’s Favourite Things: Innovation & Simplicity. 

Ordering App Customer Loyalty & Rewards

Online Loyalty App

First Order Discounts - Cashback Loyalty Points Credit - Fixed Value/Percentage Discounts - Free Delivery - collection discounts


Unlimited Stamp Cards - Loyalty Points rewards - Unlimited Digital Coupons

Online Ordering App - Ready For Download

app download apple ios app store

Take your online ordering system to the next level with Apple iOS App Store! Get your app quickly and easily listed on the App Store, and start reaching new customers.

app download google play store

Get your online ordering system on Google Play App Store and make it easier to access. Enjoy the convenience of ordering from your mobile device and never miss a sale!

Support Payments From Every Platform

Easily accept payments from any platform with our online ordering system. Integrate multiple payment methods and get full control over customer flow, all in one easy-to-use solution.

Supported Payment :


online ordering system supported payments

Manage Everything From One Easy To Use Dashboard

Easily manage your online takeaway ordering using our easy-to-use portal – ideal for busy restaurants and takeaways! Save time and money by streamlining your ordering process.

Access extensive analytics and reporting tools

Our online ordering system gives you access to extensive analytics and reporting tools that allow you to keep track of orders, customer trends, and more.

Easily manage users

Easily manage users profiles with this powerful user-friendly portal. Keep track of user information, preferences, and more in one secure and convenient place.

Create and manage menu items

Manage your menu items with ease! Our ordering system makes it simple to create, update, and delete menu items. Get started now and make menu management a breeze.

Send Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications from your dashboard or mobile CRM app! Instantly engage your customers with targeted messages, promotional offers, and more.

Best Support & Always Ready to Help.

Are you looking for a reliable online ordering system? Are you searching for the best support and always ready to help customer service team? Look no further!

committed to customer service about app local ordering systems
about app local ordering systems customer service

At App-Local, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and an online ordering system that is simple, efficient, and effective. 

Our experienced customer service team is always ready to help with any inquiries or issues that may arise while using our product. We are committed to providing the highest quality of customer services; promptly addressing all inquiries quickly and courteously.

Our well-trained professionals have a wealth of knowledge about our products, allowing them to provide prompt solutions in response to any technical issues or questions that customers may have while using our product. With 24/7 availability, we are able to assist customers at any time of day without delay.

User Friendly

We are dedicated to creating products and services that make life easier for our customers.

Best Support

Our passion lies in helping small businesses grow and reach their full potential.


We take your online safety seriously, and we're dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

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