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Keep your customers in the know with Mobile Restaurant Push Notifications!

Our Mobile Takeaway Push Notifications make it easy for you to stay connected with your customers and provide them with real-time updates using mobile push notifications.

Targeted Advertising

As part of our services, we regularly send out branded email marketing campaigns to your customer base for free to help drive more orders directly through your website.

Google Advertising


Social Media Advertising


We Protect Your Ads Against Click Fraud

22% of ad spend is lost to fraud


Bots clicking on ads can cause click fraud, inflating engagement metrics. We implement measures to prevent this and ensure ads reach genuine users.

Accidental Clicks

Mobile often place ads in places where people click the most, thus driving up accidental clicks without any real intent.

Vengeful Customers

Unhappy customers will leave you bad reviews and click on your ads. Stop showing ads to them today.


Don’t think competitors are clicking on your ads? Think again. It’s an easy way for them to drain your ad budgets.

Our industry-leading software is able to detect fraudulent ad clicks to your website and then block them from displaying in near real-time

Boost Restaurant Revenue With Targeted Email Promotions

We offer clients a personalized email marketing suite, empowering them to create, manage, and track campaigns effortlessly.

Create custom email lists

Customize fields and segments, streamline the removal of unsubscribed and non-existent email addresses, and effortlessly import subscribers from various sources all within a single platform.

Automate email outreach and campaigns​

Utilize email automations to craft targeted flows, ensuring emails are delivered only to subscribers who meet specific conditions. By automating this process, you can effectively target your database subscribers based on their interactions with your campaigns, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Ensure new guests come back​

Craft a personalized strategy, ensure new guests are captivated and inspired to return, bolstering customer loyalty and fostering sustained business growth.

Bring back lapsed guests​

Revive lapsed customers with targeted re-engagement campaigns. These strategies are designed to reignite interest, encourage repeat purchases, and bring valuable customers back to your business.

Reward regulars & big spenders​

Incentivize loyal customers and high-value spenders with exclusive rewards and perks. Recognize and appreciate their continued support, fostering long-term loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Push Notifications: Explore New Possibilities

Mobile restaurant push notifications are a great way to engage customers and bring back app users. When used effectively, they can help keep your app in customers’ minds, encouraging repeat business.

High Conversion Rates

Push notifications have a 97% read rate. Not to mention, they also increase daily app opens by 540%!

Unlimited Notifications

Unlock unlimited push notifications to keep your audience engaged with timely updates and exclusive offers.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule push notifications around your busy business activities for maximum impact. Ensure that your customers are always up-to-date on what’s happening with your business. Hospitality customers love to receive notifications about upcoming sales, events, or special offers.

The average person checks their phone
85 times per day

With so many people regularly coming back to the user’s mobile device screens, there’s a big opportunity for businesses to leverage push notifications to reach their audience.

Discover our Managed social media posts, posted on your behalf​

As part of our services, we regularly send out branded email marketing campaigns to your customer base for free to help drive more orders directly through your website.