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About App-local Franchise marketplace

Discover the benefits of a Local online ordering marketplace Franchise and the features that make it easier for you to manage your business. 

Easy Setup

We offer a complete, all-in-one online food-ordering service in a box with a proven model for quick development!

Offering The Best Technology

We build your site and mobile app with logistics and exclusive features that no one else will offer on your industry. Our development techniques are priceless!

Unbeatable Support

We create a complete system that will help you attain business success. We are always accessible to work with you in the process of expanding your network.

What We Offer Our Franchisees?

Our Franchisees get more than just a business opportunity

Administrative & Legal Documents

We'll assist you with accounting, contract preparation, and payment processing so you are able to focus solely on soliciting funding for your organization.

Customer Support

Your customers' needs are our top priority, so we provide 24/7 support for you, your clients, and your restaurants. You do not have to hire additional staff thanks to this.

Marketing Support

We will assist you in the successful launch of your enterprise and bring it forward with our proven marketing strategies and tools.

High Earnings Potential: Local Online Ordering Marketplace

A local online ordering marketplace provides entrepreneurs with a highearnings potential. By creating an online platform that connects customers with local businesses, entrepreneurs benefit from these key features and benefits:

Features And Benefits

Low-cost start-up:

The costs associated with starting an online marketplace are relatively low, meaning entrepreneurs don't have to invest large amounts of money in order to get started.

High demand:

Customers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to order food, products, and services from local businesses.


An online marketplace can be scaled quickly and easily, allowing entrepreneurs to rapidly expand their operations and increase their earnings potential.

Passive income:

Once the marketplace is established, entrepreneurs can enjoy a steady stream of passive income.

The potential to earn high profits is clear, a local online ordering marketplace Franchise is a lucrative business opportunity.

How Our Online Marketplace Works

Designed to make it easy for customers to connect with local businesses and order what they need. Here’s how it works:

We strive to make the ordering process simple, efficient, and convenient. 

Your Mobile App and Website

Bespoke & branded application development.

The best ordering experiences

Realtime updates and efficient tracking and delivery.

Ordering through your application is seamless and simple, and the elegant design and effortless user journey gives you an advantage over your competitors. Your premium benefit adds you the icing on the cake, as the industry leaders have trouble charging users the higher costs connected with greater commissions.

Features And Benefits

Fully branded:

Our white label service allows entrepreneurs to customize the look and feel of their marketplace to create a unique and fully branded experience.


Our service is designed to be automated, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly and easily set up and manage their marketplace.


Our service is affordable, allowing entrepreneurs to launch their marketplace without breaking the bank.


Our white label service is secure and reliable, ensuring entrepreneurs can confidently run their marketplace with peace of mind.

Our white label service provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to create and manage their own online marketplace.

Full Branded White Label Branded Experience

Our white label service offers Franchisees the opportunity to run their own fully branded online marketplace under their own Brand.