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The Best Online Takeaway Ordering System

App-Local Online Takeaway Ordering System is the best and most Cost-Effective Solution For all your online food orders. 

With your very own branded App, capture downloads on Apple IOS and Google Android App so your customers can return to order online with ease.

Zero commission online takeaway ordering system

Zero Risk Guarantee

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We have the tools you need to run your business efficiently. Get the latest technology for all your business needs—check out our selection today!

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Designed To Save You Time And Money

Online Food Ordering System

Streamline Your Ordering Process, Take Payments With Ease And Easily Change Your Menu.

No More Losing Customers To Engaged Phone Lines When You Have Your Own Branded Online Takeaway Ordering Systems.

Don’t burn your revenue!

When you use platforms like Just Eat, every month they help themselves to a portion of your hard-earned revenue! Drag the slider below to see how much money is being taken off of your plate.

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Save £550 per month!

Start saving now

We knew relying solely on Just Eat wasn’t sustainable for our takeaway’s long-term success. So, we took matters into our own hands and partnered with App-Local to launch our own app. With zero commission fees and a user-friendly interface, we’re finally in control of the majority of our customers

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Why Go Digital




We work with Takeaways, Restaurants, Cafés, Coffee Shops, Deli’s, Pubs, or any other hospitality businesses throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Support Payments From Every Platform

Easily accept payments from any platform with our online ordering takeaway system. Integrate multiple payment methods and get full control over customer flow, all in one easy-to-use solution.

Supported Payment :


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Manage Everything From One Easy To Use Dashboard

Simplify your takeaway operations with our user-friendly portal. Easily update menus and preferences from anywhere, whether you’re using your mobile device or desktop computer. With centralized oversight, you can efficiently manage multiple locations and stay informed with real-time notifications, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Whether you’re a bustling restaurant or a busy takeaway, our portal empowers you to manage your business with ease, saving you time and resources while delivering exceptional service to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular food ordering System?

Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats are the three most popular food ordering websites for takeaway and restaurants. However, Did You Know That They Charge A Commission On every online Order? This Can Add Up To A Lot Of Money Over Time, So It's Worth Considering Other Options Such As Your Own Branded Food Ordering App.

How much do Just eat charge?

On average marketplaces like Just Eat charge around 30% per order. This can quickly add up. Get your own branded app that does not charge you a commission per order, this enables you to grow you own business instead of sending customers to third party platforms..

What is the best online ordering solution?

The best App ordering solution for your small business is having your own branded mobile App that represents your takeaway or restaurant and does not charge you a commission per order. While marketplace apps like Just Eat initially work well 84% of businesses agree that using an online marketplace is not the long-term solution for their business due to the huge commissions per order

Why choose App-Local for your online ordering system?

Cut out the middleman. App-Local offers businesses online ordering systems with no strings attached. Businesses have full control to easily customize their menus or set up  delivery and Click and collect, promotion options for their customers. we can even promote, post and create content image designs for your social media every day. 

How much does an online ordering system cost?

low-cost, fixed Pricing, App Local offers a range of cost-effective online ordering systems that are perfect for any hospitality looking to escape the commission based system.